Nosiboo USA Responsibility

As the inventor, manufacturer, and distributor of Nosiboo products, at ATTRACT Kft., we not only contribute to taking the hygiene of small noses to the next level, but sustainability is one of our top priorities as well. Our strategy is to reduce the negative environmental impact resulting from our operations at every stage and to focus on the local community. Nosiboo cares!

Research & development

We create our products with recyclable materials in mind already in the designing phase. The basic principle is economical product development with low consumption; our products are designed digitally without printing the drawings not to produce paper waste. What is more, to avoid unnecessary excess materials we use 3D printers for modelling to evaluate our ideas before they come into reality. The material that we use for 3D printing can be recycled, and we also attempt to reuse existing parts instead of reordering new components.


It’s important for us to support local businesses; therefore, 85% of the used parts and 100% of packaging materials come from local suppliers. When selecting our partners, one of the primary aspects is that only eco-friendly production technologies are applied, so we can minimize the environmental impact.


We don’t apply foil on the packaging materials, so they can be collected selectively and can be 100% recycled according to the instructions placed on each box or bag. Also, the housing of our devices is made from ABS materials that can be reused. Moreover, we recycle internally as well, so the waste generated during production is reused after grinding. Selective waste collection is important for us, and it’s practiced everywhere in our office, as well as in the production and storage areas.


We are an ISO 13485:2016-certified medical device manufacturer which means that we meet the comprehensive requirements of a Quality Management System in the medical device industry. Our products received CE, FDA, KFDA, PMDA certifications which ensure their safety and oblige us to comply with strict regulations.


We regularly undergo internal and external audits which guarantee that we maintain the highest quality of our products and processes. During the annual audits, our supervisory body checks compliance with the strict environmental and operational conditions set out in the standards.

Operational team

The whole Nosiboo operational team works in an office located in Pécs, Hungary – we’d like to stay where the story of our brand began. We prefer e-meetings over traveling, so we don’t leave an unnecessary carbon footprint. It is good everywhere, but it is the best at home.

Moms and dads at work

As a manufacturer of babycare products, we especially think about parents, therefore one of our basic principles is supporting moms when returning to work after maternity leave.  The moms and dads of the Nosiboo team always become the first testers of our products and are ready to give their useful, honest opinions. Currently, 70% of the Nosiboo colleagues are parents, caring for a total of 54 children, out of which all have clean noses.

Where are the fathers?

Emphasising the role of dads in children’s upbringing is exceptionally important to us, also because Nosiboo products were invented by two fathers. You can find printed materials, photos, and videos with dads reviewing or showing the usage of Nosiboo. We would not like anyone to forget that dads are present and are just as important as moms in taking care of their children.

Zsolnay Light Festival

We strongly support local initiatives; therefore, we proudly became a sponsor of the 7th edition of the magical Zsolnay Light Festival. During this event, our city shone with all possible colours and patterns thanks to the lightmapping technique that turned buildings and streets into works of art. We are glad that we could contribute to the success of this great festival, and we hope it will stay with us to light up our charming Pécs every year.

Down Syndrome

Children with Down syndrome experience congested nose even more often due to their specific facial anatomy. For that reason, we support foundations like Pécsi Down Alapítvány or Rejtett Kincsek Down Egyesület by donating nasal aspirators so their mentees can breathe freely again. We also organize educational campaigns on social media about the need for children with Down syndrome to keep their noses clean.

Local foundations

We strongly believe that taking care of the physical condition of children is conducive to their health and proper development, that’s why we support local sport foundations like Egerág Sport Egyesület. We also donate to Pécs Sport Nonprofit Zrt., the organization that prepares sport strategy for our city, maintains sports facilities, runs sports departments in schools, organizes swimming lessons for children and students, and is responsible for setting up bigger sports events. Go, Pécs, go!

Active Nosiboo

The Nosiboo team enjoys a lot of sports throughout the whole year (when we are not in the kitchen eating cake made by one of our colleagues). Our strong running squad represents us in numerous competitions, the Mecsek hill invites us for family hikes, and for those willing, free passes for the municipal swimming pool and ice rink are available seasonally. Two-wheel lovers can be sure that their means of transport will be safe in the bike storage, and when the morning commute turns out to be too demanding, we also have a shower at their disposal. If someone lacks vitamins in the cold season, in the kitchen they will find apples from local farmers. 

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